Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jane Austen

Today is the anniversary of the birth of Jane Austen.

It is funny. I hear (read) her name and smile. My heart seems to warm and be happy. I don't believe I have ever 'read' any of her works. Many titles are familiar and I may have watched films based on her stories. But I haven't read anything. So why am I so connected to her name?

A few days ago I opened a Christmas gift from my sister. She bought me a Kindle. I am thrilled with the things that it can do and am having a great time flipping through the lists of available title. So many classics that I haven't read that I should be able to catch up on. If only I could read more than a few pages before feeling the need to nap.

Now, off to look at a few more books to download. Merry Christmas!