Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shoot, a Star!

Meteor Watch Day – They say that you can see a meteor (shooting star) fly across the sky for a lucky pair of eyes who happen to look in the right place at the right time.  This year though I understand that July 29th those of us in the southern part of the US, we may be able to see the Delta Aquarids. The moon will be mostly full and will probably wash out the sky.  The Perseids will be visible after midnight on August 13th (that means stay up late on August 12th or get up early on the 13th), don’t worry, the moon will be slivery that night.

1997- Great Britain turns over rule of Hong Kong to China.
1990- The two Germanys merge.
1971- The 26th Amendment was ratified.
1962- Sandy Koufax, pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers, threw his first (of 3) no-hitter game.
1956- TWA Super Constellation and a United Airlines DC-7 meet in a mid-air collision above the Grand Canyon. 128 were killed.
1936- Margaret Mitchell celebrated the publishing of her life’s work, Gone With The Wind. She began the book while recovering from ‘a series of injuries’ in 1926.
1905- On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies was published by Albert Einstein. 1859- Blondin crossed Niagra Falls on a tightrope.
1864- Yosemite Valley was granted to California by President Lincoln. They are required to use the valley for public use, resort and recreation.

1985- Michael Phelps, phenominal swimmer.
1934- Magician, Harry Blackstone.
1917- Singer, Lena Horne.
1917-Actress, Susan Hayward.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hug a Waffle and Take a Pic

Today is Camera Day, Hug Holiday and Waffle Iron Day.
  • On Camera Day, I recommend that you use a camera. Do you know who invented the camera? No one knows the name of the man that first discovered an image ‘painted on a wall opposite of a hole in a wall, but it was over 2000 years ago. He just painted over the image to make it easier to see, problem was, it was upside down. Since they couldn’t turn the building they brought in a gallows and hung people by their feet so they could see the image properly. Doctors immediately saw a rise in aspirin sales. 
  • For Hug Holiday, I hope I don’t have to suggest that you hug someone. Cause, that is the point of the day. 
  • I recommend a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner of waffles. Belgian are my mother’s faves, but, if they shortage is over, go ahead and celebrate with an Eggo.

Do you know anyone who was born on this day/? I do…Actress, Sharon Lawrence; Comedian Richard Lewis; Actor, Gary Busey;  Civil Rights Activist, Stokely Carmichael; George W. Goethals, Panama Canal engineer.

  • 2003, One of my all time favorite actresses IN THE WORLD, Katharine Hepburn, died at the age of 96. Read her bio, it is intriguing.
  • In 1995, The USSS Atlantis docked with the RSS Mir. As if this isn’t enough history, the union made the this the largest man-made satellite to orbit Earth. I wonder if Guinness was there to verify.
  • In 1971, The US Supreme Court ruled against the death penalty. It suggested new guidelines for sentencing. In 1976, capital punishment was reinstated. In 1977, Gary Gilmore became the first person to be executed following the ban. He chose firing squad in Utah.
  • Near New Orleans in 1967, a car rear-ended a truck which had been hidden by a thick mosquito killing fog. The accident killed Jayne Mansfield, Ronald Harrison (a driver) and Mansfield’s companion and lawyer, Sam Brody.  Her 3 children ( Mickey,8, Zoltan,6, and Marie,3) were in the back seat and survived with minor injuries. Marie’s full name is Mariska Hargitay.
  • It was a sad day in 1613, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater burned down. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today is Insurance Awareness Day and Paul Bunyan Day. I don’t think I need to explain Insurance Awareness Day. Are you aware of Insurance? Great.  Paul Bunyan Day is a day to honor the great man or myth Paul Bunyan and Babe, his assistant, who happens to be a blue (yes I said BLUE) ox. Paul and Babe went through a slew of adventures and have been credited with many events including the creation of the Great Lakes, clearing the Dakotas and creating Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes, 250,000 ponds and 1,000,000 mosquito birthplaces.

2006, Smart arrive in the US.
1997- Mike Tyson became a ‘cannibal’ during a boxing match with Evander Holyfield by biting off his ear.
1953, the first Corvette began its assemblage. The completed two-seater would roll off the line two days later.
1919, The end of ‘The war to end all wars” (WWI) was marked today with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.
1914- Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie, are killed during an official visit to Sarajevo. This event would snowball into the beginning of WWI in August.
1836, James Madison died at his home in Virginia.

John Cusack, 1966, actor known for his average guy outlook. Watch him in Sixteen Candles, Say Anything…, 2012.
John Elway, 1960, Denver Broncos quarterback.
Kathy Bates, 1948, actress best known for her roll in the Stephen King’s novel to screen story, Misery.
Gilda Radner, 1946, actress/comedienne known for her participation on Saturday Night Live and her battle with ovarian cancer.
Bruce Davison, 1946, actor seen in almost all of the television series as a guest star, as well as movies like The Triangle,  High Crimes, and Willard.
Pat Morita, 1932, actor known for his early roles as Arnold on Happy Days and Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid. But in total, this California born actor can be seen in 160 roles beginning in 1967.
Mel Brooks, 1926, actor/director known for his silly sardonic spoof movies including Silent Movie, Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs.
Richard Rogers, 1902, musical composer who teamed up with lyricists like Lorenz Hart and Oscar Hammerstein II and is credited with 900 songs including Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered; Oklahoma; The Sound of Music; and Some Enchanted Evening.
Jean – Jacques Rousseau, 1712, philosopher born in Switzerland influenced the French Revolution with his political philosophy. He also wrote novels, including, Emile: or, On Education and Julie, ou la nouvelle Heloise.
Henry VIII, 1491, King of England, Lord of Ireland, King of Ireland, Kingdom of France claimant and husband to six women. Responsible for the English Reformation making the country Protestant, and divorce legal (I guess he had had enough of dual beheading/marriage ceremonies).

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Today is Beautician’s Day and Forgiveness Day. I forgive my beautician for raising her rates so much that I can’t visit her anymore. I forgive her for frowning profusely the last time she saw how much I gave her as a tip.

Today in…

1997- Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was published.  I wonder what ever happened to that Harry Potter guy and the lady who wrote about him.
1979- “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali, retired from boxing.
1977- Elvis Presley performed in his last concert.
1974- Future NY Yankee, Derek Jeter was born in Pequannock (that is fun to say!) Township, NJ.
1970, NCIS:LA actor Christopher Eugene O’Donnell was born in Illinois. Don’t you think he looks nice in tights? Did you know he had 5 kids???
1959, Queen Elizabeth II came over in her ‘yacht’ Britannia and invited President Eisenhower on a cruise to open the St. Lawrence Seaway.
1956- Actor/Singer Chris Isaak was born.
1914- Six time Female Athlete of the Year, Babe Didrikson Zaharias was born.
1910-  Roy Plunkett was born. He did work with Tetra-ethyl lead (a gasoline additive), Freon, AND he invented Teflon!
1904- Famous face and voice in films, Peter Lorre, was born.
1892- Pearl Sydenstricker (aka Sai Zhezhu, Pearl S Buck) was born in West Virginia.
1819- Abner Doubleday, the would be General of the American Civil War, was born. He was the first to return fire at Fort Sumter, the location of the beginning of the Civil War. He was also pivotal during the early Battle of Gettysburg. He obtained a patent on the cable car rail system in San Francisco. He was also credited with inventing baseball. After decades of research and debate, the powers that be say he did not, including General Doubleday himself.           
1819- The birth of flight. The bicycle was patented. How is that the birth of flight. If the bicycle wasn’t invented, then the Wright Brothers would not have been unhappy bicycle repairmen, and, in turn, invented the airplane and flew it 1 mile from where I used to live.
1284- A man claiming to be an exterminator contracted with councilmen of Hamelin, Germany to rid the town of rats. He did so, did not get paid and rid the town of its children as well. It really is unknown whether this was a real man, or if he is a symbol of death.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fish and Logs

Today is Log Cabin Day  and National Catfish Day. Honestly, I have nothing to day about these celebrations.

Historically Speaking…
2009- Michael Jackson died. I think we have heard enough. If you haven’t tune to any number of TV or streaming websites.
1950- North Koreans invade South Korea beginning the The Korean War.
1910- Congress passed the Mann Act. This will aid law enforcement in fighting ‘white slavery’. At times, some men (including Charlie Chaplin and Chuck Berry) were arrested using the Mann Act when they crossed state lines with unmarried “companions”.
1876- The Souix and Cheyenne Indians caught Lt Col George Custer and his 7th Cavalry off guard and slaughtered them at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Who was born today in…
1975- Linda Cardellini, actress seen in er. She also played Velma in the live action/’animated’ Scooby Doo movies.
1963- Wham! Singer, George Michael.
1948- Jimmie Walker. You will know him better by the nickname, JJ and from the program Good Times, well, you will if you are old like me or watch TV Land.
1945- She thinks You’re So Vain, Carly Simon.
1925- One of the best out of this world mom’s, June Lockhart, you know, from Lost in Space.
1903- 1984 and Animal Farm author, George Orwell.
1874- Rose O’Neill. You are kidding…You have never heard of her? Okay, but you do know of her…She created Kewpie Dolls.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swimming in this Heat??

Today is Swim a Lap Day.  If I had a pool, I would! Oh, man would I love the feel of that right now! I did not sign up for heatwaves!

What were you doing on this day in:
1997- The Blue Book file on Roswell, NM was released. Well, not really the Blue Book file, but US Air Force released all the info it had about the supposed space craft crash there…yeah right they did!
1981- The Humber Bridge, connecting Yorksire and Lincolnshire, opened for use. It is the world’s longest single-span suspension bridge (well, at least until 1998).
1974- My Cheerios has a weird white box with black lines on the back. What the heck is that? I’ve never seen it before! What the heck is that BEEPing noise at the cash register?
1957- Obscenities are not protected byt the 1st Amendment, so sayeth the US Supreme Court.
1947- Piliot, Kenneth Arnold (not known for being a pilot) reported seeing 9 glowing saucer-like disks. US’s first know UFO sighting.
1916- Actress, Mary Pickford,  was the first film star to get a million dollar contract (male or female).
1509- The 8th Henry is crowned King of England.
1374- Prussians are afflicted with a cruel epidemic oc St. John’s Dance, hallucinations, writhing and girations (before they knew what that meant). Seriously, there was (is?) such a thing.

1967- er actress, Sherry Stringfield.
1956- Jake and the Fat Man actor, Joe Penny.
1946- Space Shuttle astronaut, Ellison Onizuka. (Died in the Challenger disaster).
1945- NY Governor, George Pataki.
1942- Knots Landing actress, Michele Lee.
1942- Fleetwood Mac musician, Mick Fleetwood.
1895- Boxing champ, Jack Dempsey.
1842- The Devil’s Dictionary writer, Ambrose Bierce.

Pink Dogs Writing Columns

Today is Take your Dog to Work Day, National Pink Day and National Columnists Day.

1989- Batman, starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger was released.
1972- Title IX enacted by President Nixon. Title 9 states that "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.
1957- Frances McDormand, actress seen in Fargo, was born in Chicago, IL.
1929- June Carter, singer, one of the famous Carter Family, married to “The Man in Black” Johnny Cash was born.
1902- Mercedes was registered as a brand name.
1894- Edward VIII, King of England, famous for giving up the throne to marry an American divorce.
1888- The first African-American was nominated for US President, Frederick Douglass.
1400- Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of movable type, was born in Germany.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To read this blog, send me an Eclair!

Today is one of my favorite days for celebrating…National Chocolate Éclair Day….Um, Yum. Need I say more?

1978- Charon was discovered. Not the ferryman, he is a myth, the moon of the planet Pluto. IT IS SO A PLANET!
1976- The House of Commons in Canada abolished capital punishment.
1911- George V succeeded bis father, Edward VIII as King of the United Kingdom.
1847- Doughnuts were created.  Well, I don’t think Hansen Gregory invented DOUGHNUTS, that was probably way back in the 18 ought something, but he did claim to have invented the traditional hole-y doughnut.
1633- Galileo Galilei recanted his view that the Sun was the center of the universe, not the Earth.  The Pope made him do it.
 1611- Henry Hudson was set adrift in a small open boat with 8 others, including his son, after spending the winter trapped by is in the bay named after him. He was never seen again.

1964- Outstanding author, Dan Brown, The DaVinci Code, Angels & Demons and The Lost Symbol.
1964- Amy Brenneman, actress now seen on Private Practice.
1954- Freddie Prinze, actor seen in classic TV sitcom, Chico and the Man.
1953- Singer, Cindy Lauper, she knew, Girls Just Want to Have Fun.
1949- Lindsay Wagner, The Bionic Woman. Well, she was the actress who played Jamie Sommers, The Bionic Woman.
1949- Meryl Streep, actress known for her versatility playing women from across the globe.
1941- TV Journalist, Ed Bradley.
1936- Kris Kristofferson. This singer/actor, I believe, is one of my mother’s favorite people on the planet. Ow, she just hit me!!!
1930- Charles Augustus Lindbergh III. He would live less than 21 months before he would be kidnapped and murdered, devestating his parents and the world.
 1929- Actor,  Ralph Waite, sure, you know this guy, he played the Daddy in Walton’s Mountain, now he is Jethro Gibbs’ Daddy on NCIS!
1922- Bill Blass, fashion designer to the stars.
1906- Anne Morrow was born. A pilot in her own right, she would marry famous pilot Charles Lindbergh and author several books.
1903- Outlaw, John Dillinger.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Skating in the Summer Sun

Go Skate Day and Finally Summer Day…If you cannot, due to lack of eauipment or stability, celebrate Go Skate Day, I recommend Sonic Drive In. I love watching the carhops skating between the cars and doing twists and twirls on their way back from or to the kitchen.  A wonderful coincidence that this lands on Finally Summer Day lands on the Summer Solstice.  Make sure you take your trip to Sonic and ger yourself a yummy milkshake, Chiller or Sonic Blast! I’ll be there!!!

In Birthday History:   In 1982, Chuck and Di had their first prince, William Arthur Philip Louis, Prince William of Wales and second in line (after papa Charles Philip Arthur George)  to the British throne. Here is an intersting coincidence Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross, Michael J Foxes parents on Family Ties, were born on the same day…today…the same year…1947. In 1925, actress, Maureen Stapleton was born-see her in All the King’s Men (1958), Bye, Bye, Birdie (a personal fave) or Cocoon. Jane Russell, actress, famous for her D-cup figure, was born in 1921-for proof of her figure, watch, The Outlaw, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes or any of her other nearly 30 roles.  Novelist, Mary McCarthy known for The Company She Keeps and The Group. In 1905, Jean-Paul Sartre, philosopher/novelist/paywright-you can read his thoughts in Being and Nothingness, No Exit, and The Henry Martin Affair

Kind of a slow history day...John Hinckley, Jr (not the characer also known as The Greatest American Hero, sadly he was affected), was found not guilty by reason of insanity in 1982 for the 1981 attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan.
In 1947, Harold Dahl reportedly viewed 6 UFOs near Maury Island, Washington, USA. An apparently damaged donut-shaped UFO dropped slag-like material onto his boat, killing his dog and injuring his son. The next morning, a man wearing a black suit knocked on his door and invited him to breakfast to discuss the sighting. (He had yet to report it to anyone) The MIB, ‘suggested that he and his family may be harmed if the told of the nights happenings.
The Reaping Machine was patented by Cyrus McCormick in 1834. McCormick got the ‘deed’ to the unfinished reaper project from his father on his 21st birthday in 1830. With the help of a slave, Jo Anderson, McCormick perfected the machine, demonstrated it in several tests and patented on this day.
Happy Anniversary Zachary Taylor and Margaret Smith-Taylor (1810) and Richard Nixon and Patricia Ryan-Nixon (1940).

Father's Day

Today is Father’s Day. In our house, Father’s Day was tough, Dad had everything he wanted or needed, he had us. But, sometimes, along with our company, we threw in a few ties, cuff links and coffee mugs, then, for dessert chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!!!
Today is also Ice Cream Soda Day! What is your favorite? Chocolate Ice Cream with Diet Pepsi!!! (sometimes I even add a squirt of chocolate syrup for fun!)

1979- The White House celebrated the installation of solar panels upon the roof. 25 years later, they were replaced.
1975- Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios release Jaws into the waters of movie theaters.
1967- Muhammad Ali was convicted to refusing to serve in the military.
1963- US and USSR established a “hot line” between the two nations.
1941- Bugsy Siegel was shot and killed in Beverly Hills (probably by the Luciano ‘mob’). Siegel was the first to build a resort hotel (The Flamingo) in a sleepy town called Las Vegas.
1939- The first rocket plane using liquid propellant was tested.
1875- Tall Tale Teller, Joe Meek, died

Lots of birthdays today…

1967- Actress, Nicole Kidman; 1953- Singer, Cindy Lauper; 1952- Actor, John Goodman; 1950-Singer, Lionel Richie; 1946- Handyman, Bob Vila; 1945- Singer, Anne Murray; 1942- Beach Boy, Brian Wilson; 1934- Actor, Martin Landau;  1933- Actor and cousin-in-law (kinda), Danny Aiello; 1931- Actress, Olympia Dukakis; 1924- WWII hero and actor, Audie Murphy; 1924, Musician, Chet Atkins; 1909- Actor, Errol Flynn. 1905- Author, Lillian Hellman

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yelling at the Juggler

Today is National Hollerin’ Contest Day  and World Juggler’s Day.

A busy day in history…
1999- Stephen King was hit by a minivan, the driver fled the scene leaving him looking like something he writes about in his books.
1978- Garfield, the comic strip, was born.
1964- Civil Rights Act of 1964 was approved.
1954- The Tasmanian Devil, of Warner Brothers cartoon fame, is “born” in the Bugs Bunny short, “Devil May Hare.”
1953- Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, convicted of spying for Soviets, were executed for their crimes.
1912- The US adopted an 8-hour work day.
1905- Happy Birthday, Nickelodeon! No, not the television station, the actual picture viewing machine! “Put another nickle in, in the nickelodeon…”
1893- She is officially “NOT GUILTY”.  (comment if you know the answer-a prize to the first responder).
1892- Early science of fingerprinting was used to identify the murderer of two children, 6 & 4. It was not the man the children’s mother accused, a man she said was upset because she wasn’t interested in him “that way” (BTW-he never confessed even after ‘rather painful interrogation techinques’ for a week, including being bound to the corpses over night. Turns out, the mommy did it!!! Thanks fingerprinting.
1870- The CSA is officially disbanded when all of the southern states are readmitted to the USA.
1865- Galveston, TX: slaves were informed that they were free according to the adoption of the Emancipation Proclamation of 1963. Juneteenth is forever celebrated on this day in Texas for this reason.
1846- In Hoboken NJ, the first baseball game under ‘modern’ rules was played.
1767- “The Big Bad Wolf” was slain by Jean Chastel . France became ‘overrun’ by large wolves, several were killed. Some were reportedly killed by ‘silver bullets’. Sounds like a story brewing to me.
Dancer/choreographer, Paula Abdul (1962); Actress, Kathleen Turner (1954); Author, Salman Rushdie (1947); Actor/singer. Louis Jourdan (1919); Athlete, Lou Gehrig (1903); Bandleader, Guy Lombardo (1902); Three Stooges actor, Moe Howard (1897); Philosopher/physicist, Blaise Pascal (1623) philosopher and physicist

Friday, June 18, 2010

Splurge on Panicing the Fish

Today is Go Fishing Day. I have tried fishing, not really my thing, but I will go out on the boat with you and read while you fish. Some believe that this day was started in honor of the first fly fishing tournament on this day in 1861 in Utica, NY.   OMG…WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO???!!! It’s  International Panic Day!!!! Now, if you are done panicing, today is also National Splurge Day. If I was employed, I would definitely splurge on a bunch of stuff!

Historically speaking, Sally Ride hit outer space in 1983, the first American woman to do so.  In 1778, Brezhnev and Carter signed the SALT-II treaty.  Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly over the Atlantic in an aircraft in 1928, although she was only a passenger on this trip, whe would soon pilot her own trip. Checker Cab  put out its first taxi in 1923. I wonder if it was yellow.  Also, in 1873, Susan B. Anthony was arrested in Rochester, NY for voting. Napoleon was defeated in 1815 at Waterloo (wasn’t that a song?).  In 1812, the war began.  The British abandoned the US Capital, Philadelphia, in 1778 after 9 months of occupation.

Birthday-ically speaking, actress Carol Kane was born in 1952. In 1942, Beatle, Paul McCartney and critic, Roger Ebert were born. 1903 gave us Jeanette MacDonald, what a sweet voice! Bud Collyer, game show host, in 1908, and, in 1886, mountain climber and explorer George Mallory was born. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vegetables, Liberty, OJ and Watergate

Today is Eat Your Vegetables Day. Okay, I promise today is the last day for a while about eating crap, I mean good for you food.

16 years ago today, most of the US was (were?) glued to their television sets watching a high speed chase in Los Angeles which really wasn’t a high speed chase since the white Ford Bronco frequently traveled the Interstate at only 35 miles per hour. Inside was a ‘suicidal’ ex-football star/actor/sports commentator. Why was he suicidal? The police had arrived at his home to arrest him for the murder of his ex-wife and one of her friends.

Do the names James McCord, Frank Sturgis, Bernard Barker, Vigilio Gonzalez and Eugenio Martinez mean anything to you? How about “Burglary at the Democratic National Committed headquarters at the Watergate”? The arrest of these five men was the beginning of the end for President Richard Nixon.

Welcome to your new home Lady Liberty! 1885, in order to commemorate the alliance between France and America during the American Revolution, “The People of France” gifted the 151-foot ‘Colossus” to America. It took 16 months to reassemble her after her long voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.

Birthdays Today:
1980- Venus Williams, tennis player; 1965- Dan Jansen, speed skater; 1951- Joe Piscopo, comedian/actor/MN Senator; 1948- Phylicia Rashad, actress; 1946- Barry Manilow, singer; Newt Gingrich, politician; 1917- Dean Martin, actor/singer.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


June 16th is Fresh Veggies Day. Spring is in full swing and veggie gardens are beginning to pay out. Visit a farmer’s market or your local grocery store. Try to by local!!! Fresh Veggies Rule.

Happy Birthday to:
Roberto Duran, boxer born in 1951.  Joan Van Ark, actress (Val on Knots Landing) who was born in 1943.  Joyce Carol Oates, novelist known for We were the Mulvaneys and Blonde, was born in 1938. Erich Segal author of Love Story was born in 1937. Katharine Graham, newspaper publisher born in 1917. Jack Albertson, actor seen in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Chico and the Man. Stan Laurel (Laurel and Hardy fame) born in 1890. Geronimo, Apache leader, 1829

Historically speaking:
In 2003, The Hatfields and McCoys signa formal truce, although the fighting actually ended in 1891, the truce signing was symbolic to show that Americans can bury their differences and unite in times of crisis.
New York saw the opening of Alfred Hitchcock’s (now classic) Psycho in 1960.  In 1955, Juan Peron was excommunicated by Pope Pius XII.  1948, Miss Macao, a passenger seaplane travelling from Macau to Hong Kong, was the first commercial plane to be hijacked. The ‘skyjackers’ stormed the cockpit moments after take-off, the pilots refused to be commendeered, shots were fired, and the captian fell dead upon the controls. Only one of the 25 aboard survived, he was one of the hijackers. Coney Island opened the first roller coaster in the United States on this day in 1884. In 1846, the longest reigning pope is elected by the Papal conclave, he adopted the name Pius IX.   

Noted Deaths:
1977- Wernher von Braun, physicist. 1970-Brian Piccolo, football player; 1959-George Reeves, actor known as Superman; 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Smile, I Dare You

Smiles are contagious.
It is easier to smile than to frown.
More oxygen reaches your brain when you smile.
Smile, it makes people wonder what you have been up to!

1969- Instant classic, Hee Haw, debuted on CBS.
1934- Great Smoky Mountains National Park was founded.
1916- The Boy Scouts of America was incorporated.
1877- Henry Ossian Flipper graduated from US Military Academy. First black to do so.
1864- Arlington National Cemetery was established with 200 acres around Arlington Mansion.
1844- Vulcanization was patented by Charles Goodyear. Now we have stronger rubber.
1836- Arkansas became the 25th US state.
1783- Two men are killed when their hot air balloon explodes over the English Channel to become the first ever air crash casualties.
1775- George Washington was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the newly formed US Army.
1667- The first human blood transfusion is administered. The 15-year old boy received 12 ounces of sheep blood. After the boy died, the doctor is accused of murder.
1520- Martin Luther is threatened with excommunication by Pope Leo X.

1973- How I Met Your Mother actor, Neil Patrick Harris.
1969- rapper, Ice Cube.
1964- Friends actress, Courtney Cox
1963- As Good As It Gets actress, Helen Hunt.
1958- baseball slugger, Wade Boggs.
1954- According to Jim actor, Jim Belushi.
1937- outlaw country singer, Waylon Jennings.
1932- father of hubba ABC journalist Chris Cuomo, Mario Cuomo.
1917- classic western actor, Lash LaRue.
1914- Big Boy restaurant founder, Bob Wian.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day

June 14th is Flag Day. If you don’t own a flag, I recommend that you get one.  Celebrate the goodness of the United States of America.  Remember how we as a group of people have gotten to where we are now, as a people. On this day, we should focus on the good that being an American brings. The good that living in America brings to us. Think about how lucky you are to be living in a place like this. And it is luck, just one little decision made in the past by someone you don’t know would have changed who you are and where you were born. Thank you, Mom and Dad for your decisions and to all of my ancestors, Thank you!

In 1985, TWA flight 847 is hijacked by Hezbollah. 153 passengers and crew were held, for three days to 2 weeks. 152 survived.
In 1962, The Boston Strangler’s first victim, Anna Sleserby, was killed.
In 1954, “Under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance by President Eisenhower.
In 1951, The US Census Bureau dedicated UNIVAC I computer purchased from Remington Rand on March 31st.UNIVAC I was the first commercial computer produced.
In 1846, Settlers in Sonoma, CA rebelled against Mexico and proclaimed The California Republic.
In 1834, Isaac Fischer, Jr of Springfield, VT, patented sandpaper, if it weren’t for him, the medical field would have a speciality for splinter removal.
In 1789, 18 mutiny survivors of the Bounty, including Captain William Bligh, reached Timor, 4,000 miles from where they were cast adrift.
In 1777, Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the flag of the US.
In 1775, The US Army was formed (nee-Continental Army) it is the oldest of the United States uniformed services.

1969- Steffi Graff, tennis champ.
1961- Boy George, singer with “Culture Club
1946- Donald Trump, “The Donald”.
1925- Pierre Salinger, WH Press Secretary for JFK.
1919- Gene Barry, actor. War of the Worlds (1953),(2005), Bat Masterson, Burkes Law.
1909- Burl Ives, singer/actor. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Roots, East of Eden, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Summer Magic.
1864- Alois Alzheimer, psychiatrist/pathologist. First to identify presenile dementia and use staining techniques to identify anyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in a patient (after her death at age 51)
1811- Harriet Beecher Stowe, abolitionist/author. Wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Little Foxes.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sewing Machines

It is Sewing Machine Day! Yeah…what did you say? Oh, okay, a sewing machine is am 1830’s invention (thank you France) that allowed people to make clothes, blankets, curtains and other fabric items faster and, in many cases, sturdier. Before the sewing machine people (mostly women) connected pieces of cloth together with a needle and thread and their nimble finger and hands. After the sewing machine, a person would put two pieces of cloth together stick it under the sewing machine needle and work the pedal with their foot. And zoom away the seem or hem would be finished in no time at all. By hand, the work could take 10 times longer. So, even if you don’t have a sewing machine or don’t know how to use one, honor this great invention. For if it weren’t for the sewing machine, you would be making your own clothes yourself. Maybe there wouldn’t even be large clothing stores…Think about it!

HISTORY: Pioneer 10 left our solar system in 1983, the first satellite to do so. Thurgood Marshall was nominated to the US Supreme Court in 1967. James Braddock defeated Max Baer to become the heavyweight champion in 1935. In 1920, The US Postal Service ruled children may not be sent via parcel post.  In 1777, Rhode Island banned the importation of slaves.

BIRTHDAYS: The Olsen twins (1986), Ally Sheedy (1962),  Tim Allen (1953), Richard Thomas (1951), Malcolm McDowell (1943), Paul Lynde (1926), Ralph Edwards (1913), Dorothy L Sayers (1893) and William Butler Yeats (1865).

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today is Red Rose Day.  Red Roses, Red Roses, send Suzie right over…Ring around the Rosie, Pocket full of roses, ashes, ashes, we all fall down…Roses are Red, Violets are Purple, Sugar is Sweet, and so is Urkel.  A Rose is a Rose is a Rose.  I think that I have never seen, a Rose as pretty as a Bean…???

2004- A 1.3kg (2.89lbs) meteorite fell in Ellerslie, New Zealind, hitting a house causing damages, no injuries.
1987- Ronald Regan to Mikhail Gorbachev: “Tear down that wall.” Referring to the Berlin Wall.
1979- Bryan Allen flew over the English Channel in the Gossamer Albatross, a man powered aircraft.
1963- Medgar Evers was assissinated by Byron de la Beckwith.
1942- Anne Frank received a diary for her 13th birthday.
1939- Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum was deidcated in Cooperstown, NY. First honorees were Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Walter Johnsonand Christy M.athewson.
1885- During a murder trial in France, the roof collapsed and killed 30 people. Wonder if the accused was one of them.
1880- John Lee Richmond pitched the first Perfect Game…
1859- The Comstock Lode was discovered near Virginia City, NV.

1943- Marv Albert, sportscaster, “The Voice of Basketball”
1933- Jim Nabors, actor/singer, “Well, golleey!” Not only can he be seen on The Andy Griffith Show and its spin-off, Gomer Pyle, USMC, you can see him in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Stroker Ace and Cannonball Run II.
1932- Rona Jaffe, novelist: The Best of Everything, Mazes and Monsters, Mr. Right is Dead, Family Secrets.
1929- Anne Frank, diarist
1928- VitoRocco Farinola, singer aka Vic Damone: You’re Breaking My Heart, On the Street Where You Live.
1924- George Bush (the first one), politician.
1916- Irwin Allen, film producer. TV Series: Land of the Lost, Swiss Family Robinson, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea; Films: The Big Circus, The Lost World, The Poseidon Adventure, Towering Inferno, The Swarm.
1915- David Rockefeller, banker and youngest son of John D Rockefeller, Jr.
1827- Johanna Spyri, author of Toni, the Little Woodcarver, What Sami Sings with the Birds and Heidi.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hug a Friend

Hug Holiday Day – Find the saddest, hurtiest place you can find and stretch out your arms, someone will soon find their way in. When that happens, close your arms and squeeze. Let go only when every one is crying or giggling. Hug a friend. Hug a brother, sister, mom or dad. HUG.

1991- Deforest Kelley, actor featured in the TV series and several feature Star Trek movies, died.
1986- Shia LeBeouf, Transformers actor, was born.
1982- Immediate classic E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was released.
1979- The Duke, John Wayne died on this day.
1977- Seattle Slew won the Triple Crown.
1962- Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin (aledgedly) escaped from Alcatraz Island. There has been no evidence that they escaped or even that they survived the escape.
1960- Dr. Mehmet Oz, was born. (Oprah, The Doctor Oz Show)
1959- Lady Chatterley’s Lover by DH Lawrence, was banned by the Postmaster General as obscene and not permitted to be shipped.
1956- NFL Quarterback, Joe Montana, was born.
1949- Hank Williams, Sr debuted the Grand Ole Opry.
1945- Actress, Adrienne Barbeau, was born. (Maude, The Fog)
1936- Actor, Chad Everett, was born.
1935- Actor/Director/Greatest Wonka Ever, Gene Wilder, was born.
1928- Case of Jonathan Drew, Alfred Hitchock’s first film was released.
1913- Vince Lombardi, Football Coach was born.
1910- Jacques Cousteau, Ocean Explorer/Filmmaker/Writer, was born.
1880- The first woman elected to US Congress, Jeannette Rankin, was born.
1509- Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon vow to be be wedded until death do them part. HA!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Iced Tea Anyone?

Today is Iced Tea Day. I will be making a pitcher or two, why don’t you come on over and get a glass. BYOL.

In 2001, second First Daughter, Sasha Obama, was born.

Olympic champion figure skater, Tara Lupinski, was born in 1982.

In 1944, Jo Nuxhall pitched only 2/3 of the ninth inning for the Cincinnati Reds against the St. Louis Cardinals. He pitched one wild pitch, allowed 5 runs on 5 walks and two hits. He was 15 years old, the youngest person to ever play Major League Baseball.  

In 1935, two anonymous men (one a broker, one a doctor) founded Alcoholics Anonymous.

F. Lee Bailey, attorney to the stars, was born in 1933.

In 1928, children’s author, Maurice Sendak, was born. Thanks Mr. Sendak for giving us Wild Things and giving faces to Little Bear, Zlateh the Goat and Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.

In 1922, Frances Ethel Gumm was born. You may remember her as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz! Happy Birthday (aka) Judy Garland.

Frederick Loewe,  collaborator with Alan Jay Lerner, was born in 1901. The two worked on My Fair Lady and Camelot.
Benjamin Franklin, 46, flew a kite in the rain on this day in 1752. Luckily for him the kite was struck by lightning and proved its electrical potential. If it were not for him we also would not have the terms battery, conducter and electrician. Thanks Ben.

In 1692, Bridget Bishop, resident of Salem Town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was hanged after being found guilty of witchcraft, the first colonist to be tried, convicted and had her sentence carried out.  She was 60 years old. She may have been confused with another woman in Salem Village.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Donald!

Today is Donald Duck’s Birthday and so, we honor him on his own special ‘day’. He was ‘born’ Donald Fauntleroy Duck in the animated film “The Wise Little Hen”. To honor this glorious fowl, please do not eat, hunt or otherwise disparage ducks. It is the right thing to do.  Happy Birthday, Donald.

Other birthdays throughout history include: 1981,Natalie Portman, actress seen in Star Wars as Queen Amidala (who?); 1963, Johnny Depp, the once cute and still versatile actor (I love it when he is all cleaned up); Back to the Future (among others) actor and Parkinson’s activist, Michael J. Fox, 1961; Sportscaster, Dick Vitale, 1940; Robert Cummings, 1908, can be seen in the classic movie, Dial M for Murder; Composer/songwriter, Cole Porter, 1891, had written scores of scores including music for Anything Goes and Kiss Me, Kate; and George Stephenson, 1781, was a civil and mechanical engineer who is credited with inventing the steam locomotive.

On this day in history: 1980-Richard Pryor attempted to take his life by setting himself on fire. Idiot. In 1973, Secretariat won the Triple Crown. Only 11 horses have done so since 1919 and none since 1978. In 1909, Alice Huyler Ramsey, began a cross country trek with three friends in a Maxwell 30 automobile. She drove from Manhattan, NY to San Francisco, CA. The first woman to do so. She said, “Good driving has nothing to do with sex. It’s all above the collar.”  She credited AAA with aiding in her successful passage.  In 1860, Maleaska, the Indian Wife of the White Hunter, by Ann S. Stephens was published. It would be the first in a 321 series of stories printed by Beadle and Adams. In 1790, the first book to be copyrighted in the US, Philadelphia Spelling Book by John Barry hit the presses. In 68 (yes, 68, not 1868 or 1968, just 68), Nero, Roman Emperor, committed suicide to evade death by flogging, a sentence passed by the Senate.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello Friends, Hello Friends...

Repeat Day
I said, Repeat Day. This day is not a day to just verbally repeat what you (or others) say, but to re-eat things (like that doughnut), watch things (like Breakfast Club again), Take a second nap, Drive around the inner loop a second time. Come on, use your imagination and report back here what you repeated today.

1965-Edward H White floated in space for 21 minutes, the first time this has happened.
1964-Rolling Stones starts their first US tour.
1960-“The right to an attorney” is ruled by the US Supremen Ct ih Gideon vs Wainwright.
1953-Billy Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahatchee Bridge.
1889-First long-distance electric power transmission line in US was completed. Portland OR, to the generator at Willamette Falls, 14 miles.
1888-Casey at the Bat, by Ernest Lawrence Thayer was published in the San francisco Examiner.

1942-singer/songwriter Curtis Mayfield. Sang with The Impressions and wrote scores of scores including, He will Break Your Heart, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um and Let’s Do It Again.
1926-Allen Ginsberg, poet. Best known for his obscenity trial for the importation of his book, Howl.
1925-actor, Tony Curtis. Dig into The Great Imposter.
1890-Elda Furry-Famous Hollywood gossip columnist, Oh, you might know her as Hedda Hopper.
1865-King George V, ruler of England.
1857- Sir Edward Elgar-never heard of him? Well, you have (probably unless you can’t read this) heard him! He composed the timeless Pomp and Circumstance (better known as the Graduation Song).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What do Bubba, Marshmallows, Nuts and Chocoate Have in Common?

National Bubba Day and National Rocky Road Day
 I wish I had a Bubba to eat Rocky Road Brownies with. Take your Bubba out to lunch OR kill two birds with one stone and make your Bubba Rocky Road Brownies or Ice Cream!!!

2004-Ken Jennings won $37,201 on Jeopardy!.
1995-Scott O’Grady was shot down over Bosnia.
1953-Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.
1926-Wally Pipp has a headache, Lou Gehrig starts instead…starts the next 2128 games.
1924-Congress grants US citizenship to people of American Indian descent.
1897-Mark Twain said: “The report of my death was an exaggeration.”
1896-Guglielmo Marconi received a patent for the radio.
1886-President Grover Cleveland married Frances Folsom.
1835-PT Barnum Circus began its first tour of the US.

1955-comedian/actor Dana Carvey.  1948-“The Beave”, Jerry Mathers.  1941-actor Stacy Keach.  1930-astronaut Pete Conrad.  1904-swimmer/actor Johnny Weissmuller.  1887-Howard Johnson, songwriter- I  Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream” There are really lyrics, it isn’t just a phrase!!!  1840-poet/novelist Thomas Hardy.  1740-Marquis de Sade, author. 1731-Martha Washington, first First Lady.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ceaser's Dare

It is Dare Day and Flip a Coin Day
I dare you to celebrate! Even Julius Caesar celebrated this day, not necessarily on this day, but he flipped coins (so I’m told, I wasn’t there or anything).

1533-Anne Boleyn became Henry VIII’s second queen.
1660-Mary Dyer was hanged in Boston, MA for being a Quaker, who were banned from the colony.
1843-Storm hits Northeast covering Cleveland, OH, Buffalo & Rochester NY  and surrounding areas with SNOW!
1869-Thomas Edison received a patent for an electric voting machine.
1880-CNN began broadcasting.
1971-Ed Sullivan aired his last show with guests Melanie, Joanna Simon, Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass, Sandler and Young.
1967-Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released.
1938-The first Superman comic was published.
1843-Storm hits Northeast covering Cleveland, OH, Buffalo & Rochester NY  and surrounding areas with SNOW!
1813-Captain Jame Lawrence of the US Chesapeake, says, “Don’t give up the ship.”

Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You!
1973-Heidi Klum, model.  1974-singer Alanis Morisette1956-actress, Lisa Hartman-Black.  1937-actor Morgan Freeman.  1934-singer Pat Boone.  1926-actress Marilyn Monroe.  1926-actor Andy Griffith.  1801-church leader, Brigham Young.