Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29th

Today is "National Puzzle Day".

I have recently picked up (again) the hobby of jigsaw puzzles. Back a few years ago it was a box full of tiny weirdly shaped pieces of pressed cardboard with a photograph glued to one side. Now it is online. You can find jigsaw puzzles easily online, just type in "online jigsaw puzzles".

I currently do many of mine through the Facebook Ap provided by Jigsaw World (also available without need of Facebook).  One of my mothers favorite places to download jigsaw puzzles is the Squirrel Rehab site.  Not only do they help defenseless baby (and adult, if needed) squirrels, they also offer guidelines, photos and Puzzles. You can play on the site or download puzzles to play whenever you like.

There are so many other types of puzzles, crossword, word finds, sudoku... What is your favorite kind of puzzle?