Friday, September 21, 2012

La Elephant!

September 22nd is Elephant Appreciation day. I am focusing on this 'holiday' because my sister, a follower of this blog (supposedly) LOVES elephants.

Relatively speaking this is a new obsession for her. When she was a kid it was owls. I wonder what it is about elephants she is so crazy about.

I don't mean that elephants aren't interesting animals, kinda cute, surprisingly light on their feet when they want to be, and they and freak people out with their trunks. But really, their skin is rough, petting can't be fun. Their ears are big....can you imagine all the ear wax that builds up...and who has to clean that out...(ohh, another elephant with its trunk maybe. Okay, that might be in the pro side of the elephant) AND they (reportedly) NEVER FORGET. That has to be a great memory and I am not sure I want to have everything I do remembered like that.

Hmmm, I wonder if she became a Republican because of their mascot???

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dirty Hands

Today is Garden Week during Lawn and Garden Month. Do you have a garden? I always thought I would like to have a garden. I guess because I like the idea of all those nice flowers. but I have never really been able to get the earth to grow the things I want to look at.

I am not much a a fresh veggie gal, either. I don't mind a tomato in my salad or on a sandwich but I am not like many people who could just take a bite out of a tomato just picked from the vine. Peppers, onions, cukes...they don't agree with me. They always want to sass back.

Peas would be good for me to grow in my garden. Once, I tried to grow corn, actually two years in a row. The chipmunks got my first years planting. The following year I rigged up a chicken-wire frame to keep those little buggers out. It seemed to work as I got quite a few stalks growing. It wasn't until later that I was told by a real gardener that I needed to 'pollinate' the stalks by hand to actually get corn.

Well, that might have been mostly true but I did get an ear of corn. It looked like one of those baby corns you see packed in a glass jar full of water in the veggie aisle. You know, the ones like Tom Hanks tried eating while being an adult in the movie Big.

Well, needless to say, I don't have a garden anymore. Well, not MY garden. There is a landscaped area in front of my unit that has irises in the spring that are pretty that someone else planted and takes care of. Pretties without having to get my hands dirty.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Today, I went out to lunch with Mom while shopping. We were driving around shopping centers looking for stores we wanted to go into when we saw a little restaurant (turned out to be a regional chain) called Kelly's. We had been seeing commercials on the local news recently so we decided to try it out. It seemed like a "hopping" place and everyone looked like they were having a good time. I guess the ad people did their job properly, 'cause we went in.

It was about 12:10 and the place was not 'hopping'. While standing at the door, we saw and heard no one. The hostess finally came out and sat us. We checked out the menu. Mom decided on the Monte Cristo on the Easter Special menu, I chose Southwest Eggrolls.

If you haven't had a Monte Cristo, you should try one once. Hopefully it is done correctly and it will be one of your favorite sandwiches forever. The one at Kelly's was not done correctly. It was a grilled Ham, Turkey and Cheese sandwich with almost no flavor. A true Monte Cristo is batter-dipped and deep fried and melts in your mouth.

Eggrolls, I am not one of the most experienced but imagine that they should be in, I don't know, an egg roll wrapper? this was a thick bread with (delicious) chicken, black beans, corn, cheese, etc. They probably should have called this stuffed breadsticks.

Next time we are up north, we will not be Celebrating Today at Kelly's.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Want a Good Laugh...Maybe Not Here...

April is National Humor it a coincidence that it is also Stress Awareness Month.  They say that laughter is the best medicine. Today I will attempt a joke or two...

A duck walks into a bar and says to the bartender, "Give me my bill." The bartender looks at the duck and said, "It's on your face." hahahahahahahhaahhahahah.

How about a Knock-Knock Joke....Ready?   Okay, you start...


I kill myself...not funny?  Maybe there isn't enough stress in my life to make a good joke...maybe too much.  Can you do better?

Monday, February 13, 2012

hello again

It has been a while since I posted it because I haven't had anything to celebrate? Maybe. I am going to try...

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Another year not celebrating with a special someone. (Well, this celebration blog is going well isn't it?) Watching others cuddle and coo over jewelry, chocolates and flowers. Yippie. Watching sappy movies, ostracizing myself for sobbing and being happy that the couple on screen have finally found each other. BAH!

Let's celebrate the other Valentine's Day. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre. We can thank gangsters for this lovely distraction from the sappy day of love. Although it is not known exactly who pulled off the murder of 5 members of Bugs Moran's North Side Irish gang, it is believed that the South Side Italian gang lead by Al Capone was responsible. Why do you ask did four mobster dressed as cops slaughter 6 guys from a rival gang?...No one knows for sure...Hijacked liquor shipments, that guy looked at that guy's girl; that guy walked into the wrong restaurant, on the wrong side of the street. Mostly, it seems to me, just because. Just because some people think they are better than other people...isn't that the reason most wars are fought?

Let's celebrate something this week that doesn't happen very often...Peace. The best way to celebrate. Don't fight.