Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Today I celebrate my old friend Grace.  She started a blog here and helped me realize that I really missed writing something almost every day. I have lost my followers here and hope maybe I can get all four of them back again...maybe a few more to boot.

Grace and I met when we were in elementary school...Marumsco Hills. She was a grade below me she mostly hung out with my sister, Debi, and I was friends with her sister, Kristina. It is funny how time and distance change things.

In the early 1970s the kids in our neighborhood were nearly inseparable. Skating, Biking, Red Light-Green-Light, Red Rover, cookies (thanks, Mom). Back then we used to walk to school, well, at least until we moved up to the middle school and then, at least for Kristina and I, the High School. (Man, did that terrify me!!!)

Anyway, thanks Grace for starting a blog and as soon as I figure out how to follow your blog I will!


PS...Didn't know it until I finished this post that today is
National Good Neighbor Day....
I think I am a fair current neighbor and let's ask Grace what kind of past neighbor I was.   ;)