Monday, July 19, 2010

Raspberry Martyr

Today is National Raspberry Cake Day. It is simple all you have to do is make (or cheat and buy) raspberry cake and eat it. No raspberry cake around? Go for an angel food, chocolate or yellow cake with fresh raspberries on top. Yummm. You can have mine, I feel like being a martyr.

1940- “V for Victory” was used by Winston Churchill for the first time.
1814- The Colt Revolver was invented by Samuel Colt.
1898- After being charged with libel agains the French army, Emile Zola fled France.
1799- While in Egypt, a soldier in Napoleon Bonaparte’s army discovered an engraved black basalt slab in the town of Rosetta (now Rashied). It is now known as the Rosetta Stone, the guide to ancient Egypt.
1553- Lady Jane Grey was deposed from the throne…Long Live Queen Mary. Rest in Peace Lady Jane.

A nerd, a doctor and an actor, Anthony Edwards(1962); Tennis Player, Ilie Nastase (1946); “He’s a Rebel” singer, Vikki Carr (1941); Commisioner Gordon in the 80’s Batman movie series, Pat Hingle (1924); Presidential Candidate, George McGovern, (1922); Innocent accused ax murderer, Lizzie Bordon (1898).

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