Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sixty is the New Forty

Today marks the 65th Birth Anniversary of David Cassidy.

When you finish catching your breath, picking yourself up off the floor and cleaning up your spilt iced tea, go ahead and start counting on your fingers to make sure that I'm not wrong. Sorry, I'm not.

David Cassidy was one of my all time heartthrobs back in the day. I wanted so badly to live next door to the Partridge Family. Although I probably would have been pestered day and night by that dreaded Danny!

Until this Celebrate Today Post, I hadn't realized he was that much older than me. I suppose that is the magic of TV and the fact that the phrase "Sixty is the new Forty" going around it stands to reason that looking younger now had to start decades ago, say a twenty year old playing a high school student.

So, Celebrate today, the 65th Birthday of David Cassidy and look in the mirror and realize that you still look good for your age and Celebrate that as well.

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